Custom Pieces

Hairdresser Stations


Design, Build and Install 6 Custom Hairdresser Work Stations for: the Hair Gallery and Spa in Sturbridge, MA. Moving to a New Location in Sturbridge from Southbridge, Lynda, the Owner wanted to lighten and brighten her Salon. I offered up a solid Rock Maple design, free floated off the walls with no legs and an Avonite Counter and Back Splash.

The results are below. Both She and her Customers are pleased with the new layout, color scheme as well as the Station Design. If you are in need of a Color, cut, perm, wax, massage or Tan. Please stop in and see Lynda and her wonderful staff.

Two units installed and waiting for final wiring

Who knows what evil lurks in the walls of a 200 year old building... But a window?

All of the load bearing frames bolted in nice and tight.

The case bolts to the walls first. The the top goes on. Then the Drawers go in... Each Black Screw you see in the frame will support over 400# all by itself. We used at least 6 on each station.

HVAC Covers

Solid white oak Front in clamps.

Solid White Oak Top in clamps.

Assembly of first Double Cover prior to Finish

First Coat of Dye applied.

4 coats of Spar Varnish, rubbed out to a high gloss finish

Left Double Unit Cover Lobby Installed

Right Lobby Double Unit Installed. Notice the Match with the front desk.

Breakfast area Left Cover

Breakfast Area Right Single Unit Cover.

White Oak Pantry


For another repeat Customer. This white Oak Pantry was designed to be a "Wow" item as you enter the home through the downstairs entry.


Quarter And Rift Sawn White Oak, 3 coats of Watco Danish Oil in light Oak. 2 Oats of Black Bison wax. All wood is Solid. No veneers. The only modern materials used are Blum Soft Close Hinges and metal adjustable shelf

Face frame mounted on case

Door panels are always finished prior to door assembly.

Beautiful solid wood doors of the Shaker design with full lap tenons and pinned from the inside.

Doors with two coats of finish.

The case with finish

28 beautiful shelves. You may never see them, but I know they are there...

Doors mounted with 3 Blum Soft Close Hinges each

View going down stairs after unit installed in false wall we built in place.

View walking upstairs from the garage entry.

The Customer stated we once again exceeded their expectation with a beautiful piece of furniture... Even though it is built into a wall...