See How Beneficial Built-In Furniture Is

See How Beneficial Built-In Furniture Is

Install custom cabinets throughout your kitchen in Sturbridge or Charlton City, MA

Lemay Custom Furniture specializes in constructing custom built-ins in the Charlton City and Sturbridge, MA areas. Whether you want custom cabinets, bars or dressers, we can handle it.

Maximize your space with a built-in piece of furniture. No mater how strange or tricky the space is, we can build your furniture to match it perfectly. Trust us to build custom:

Entertainment centers







Don't wait to install beautiful custom cabinets in your kitchen. Schedule your custom built-in installation today by contacting us at 774-289-7370. We're one of the top built-in furniture construction companies in Sturbridge and Charlton City, MA.

3 benefits of built-in furniture

Lemay Custom Furniture can design and construct custom built-ins in any room in your Charlton City or Sturbridge, MA home. Built-in furniture is beneficial because it:


Provides a seamless look and feel to your home


Can be built to fit unusual spaces in your house


Creates more storage space

Reach out to us today to ask any questions you have about our custom furniture construction process. We can build pieces to fit the style of any Sturbridge or Charlton City, MA home.